Eduardo Hears a Tango: A Picture Book about Music and the Night

What happens when you stay up late?

A strange door appears one night when Eduardo is going home. Thinking it might be a shortcut, he goes inside and discovers a curious collection of characters. Is he dreaming? Should he be afraid? Then, in the darkness, an old man begins to sing.

Join Eduardo on an adventure into the night, from a grey world to a world of colour, where slumbering giants are more awake than they seem and curiosity makes comfort out of danger. Rendered in chalk pastel, ink, and watercolour, and accompanied by one line of text for each page, Eduardo Hears a Tango is a whimsical glimpse of life after hours.

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Sample pages:

Eduard Hears a Tango (Page 8)

Eduardo Hears a Tango (page 9)

Eduardo Hears a Tango (page 10)

Eduardo Hears a Tango (page 11)