Drawings for sale

This year was my first time doing Inktober, an international online drawing challenge for the month of (you guessed it) October. Artists respond to a one word prompt for each day of the month. I decided I would do all my drawings with a broken piece of a comb, with the occasional assist from a sponge.

I’m selling them for $50 each. That includes postage within Canada. They’re 9″x12″. Email me at adrianmckerracher@gmail.com.

If you didn’t get an Intober drawing and you want one, I’ll be doing additional comb drawings of a candle by request for $60. Scroll down to the bottom for an example. If you let me know by Friday December 4, I’ll put it in the mail in time for the holidays.

Thank you!

“Fish” (SOLD)
“Wisp” (SOLD)
“Blade” (SOLD)
“Rodent” (SOLD)
“Fancy” (SOLD)
“Slippery” (SOLD)
“Dune” (SOLD)
“Armour” (SOLD)
“Outpost” (SOLD)
“Rocket” (SOLD)
“Dizzy” (SOLD)
“Coral (1)”
“Coral (2)” (SOLD)
“Chef (1)” (SOLD)
“Chef (2)”
“Chef (3)” (SOLD)
“Hide (1)”
“Hide (2)”
“Music (1)” (SOLD)
“Music (2)” (SOLD)
“Float (1)” (SOLD)
“Float (2)”
“Ominous (1)” (SOLD)
“Ominous (2)” (SOLD)
“Candle (1)” ($60) (SOLD)
“Candle (2)” ($60)
“Candle (3)” ($60)